Create a custom Alert Definition in vROPS

In this case I will describe how to create an alert definition based on a self created symptom in vROPS. In this example I want to monitor snapshots on VM’s which are older then 3 days. To achieve this I first have to create a symptom.


Go to Alerts/Symptom Definitions/Add symptom definition:


In the field “Base Object Type”  select vCenter Adapter\Virtual Machine. Then select “Properties” and “Disk Space\Snapshot\Age (Days)”


Now it’s time to configure the symptom:

  1. Give the sympton a name
  2. Select info, warning, immediate or critical
  3. Determine the treshold
  4. Determin the Wait Cycle (each Wait Cycle is 5 minutes)



Save the symptom.

After creation of the symptom I can create an Alert Definition.


Give the Alert Definition a name:


Select the Base Object Type:

Select the Alert Impact:


Drag the symptom that I created earlier (Snapshot > 3 days) to the right and save the Alert Defintion.


Depending on the wait cycle that is selected the Alert wil appear as shown below:


Roderik de Block









Roderik de Block

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