Creating AppStacks using SCCM

At one of our customers all applications (msi,exe,file copy etc.) are packaged using Powershell scripts. All of these applications, almost 500, are imported in the Software Libary of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

This customer is also using VMware App Volumes 2.x at this time to deliver applications to their Windows 10 VDI desktops. I will describe how we build AppStacks using SCCM Task Sequences.

First of all I have to create a Task Sequence which contains the applications that should be installed in the AppStack.

After creating the Task Sequence this has to be deployed to the collection which contains an AppVolumes packaging VM.

The next step is to create an AppStack in UI of the App Volumes Manager.

Provision the AppStack to your packaging VM.


Navigate to Software Center on your Packaging VM and start the Task Sequence that was created before in SCCM.

Wait for the Task Sequence to be finished and click OK.

The VM will be restarted and the provisioning will be finished.

Go back to the App Volumes Manager to complete the provisioning and the AppStack is ready to be assigned to users or computers.

This is an easy way to create and standardize the creation of AppStacks.

Roderik de Block



Roderik de Block

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