DEEM – Synthetic URL Monitoring

What is Synthetic URL Monitoring

Recently a new feature became available within Workspace One Intelligence Experience Management solution. This is also known as DEEM. This new feature is called Synthetic URL Monitoring and can be used for monitoring of specific web applications and URLs to identify network performance issues and availability. The monitoring telemetry from managed devices contributes to the User Experience Score provided by DEEM.


Before using Synthetic URL Monitoring feature the following prerequisites have to be in place:

  • This feature is currently only available on Windows devices
  • Windows devices have to be Workspace One managed (UEM Managed Mode)
  • Intelligent Hub has to be deployed. (Intelligent Hub for Windows includes the DEEM telemetry agent)
  • Create a Smart group with the test devices
  • Activate Desktop Advanced Telemetry in the Integrations tab or activate the Experience Management solution

Configure a test

1.Navigate in Workspace One Intelligence to Experience Monitoring/Synthetic URL Monitoring:

2.Press “+ CREATE TEST” in the upper right corner:


3.Add the following items into this screen:



  • Address
  • IP Version (IPV4, IPV6 or Auto)
  • Platform (Currently only Windows)

Test Details:

  • Test Type (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • Frequency (30 min, 1 hour, 4 hour, 12 hour or 1 day)
  • Timeout (define timeout in seconds)
  • HTPP Method (GET or HEAD)

Test Agents: 

  • Define the created Smart Group with all test agents for this test

4. Publish the TEST

Press “PUBLISH” in the upper right corner:

Test Results – Default Dashboards

After some time, depending on the configured test frequency value, test results will become available within DEEM. This data is presented in 4 default dashboards as shown below.

Select the time/data which should be shown:




IP Addresses with Longest Response Time

Custom Dashboards

The Synthetic URL Monitoring test results contain a lot more data than is showed in these 4 dashboards. With this collected data it is possible to create Custom Dashboards, Reports and Freestyle Workflows. I will show how to create a custom dashboard with the collected DEEM Synthetic URL Monitoring data.

1. Navigate to Dashboards and select Add –> Custom Dashboard

2. Give the Dashboard a name and press the Save button in the upper right corner

3. Add a Widget to the dashboard, give the Widget a name and select the Employee Expierence Data Source and select Synthetic URL Monitoring

4. In this case I will create a dashboard which will show the Average Response  Time based on the Target Address over the past 7 days. This is configured as shown in the following screenshot. After entering the necessary values press the Save button.

5. This will result in the following dashboard/widget:


Final thoughts

In my opinion the Synthetic URL Monitoring feature is a very cool and useful feature. This will make the Workspace Intelligence/DEEM solution even more powerfull. This feature is very easy to setup and collects a lot of data which can be consumed by all the other Workspace One Intelligence components like Dashboards, Reports and of course Freestyle. This makes it possible to send notifications to your end users or even forward events to Custom Connectors like Slack, Splunk or your ITSM solution.

Roderik de Block



Roderik de Block

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