Not able to create a package after upgrading to App Volumes 4 2006

Recently at one of our customers I upgraded an VMWare App Volumes 2.18 environment to App Volumes 4 version 2006. After a succesfull upgrade I uploaded the template to the VSAN datastore.

Then it was time to create the first Application and Package. After the creation of these items I selected the Package button, selected my package VM and opened the console of this VM.

Unfortunately nothing happened. The package process dit not start and it is time to investigate the log files to find out whythe capturing process is not started on my packaging VM.

The svservice log file is located on the packaging machine in this location: “C:\Program Files (x86)\CloudVolumes\Agent\Logs”.  The log shows the following:

[2020-07-29 19:31:37.952 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2188] Creating mount point at “\SnapVolumesTemp\MountPoints\{7078EE87-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\”
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.953 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2188] Checking for appcapture on “\Device\HarddiskVolume5” (event appcapture)
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.953 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2188] RunScript_AppCaptureProgram: creating thread to check provisioning state (Event appcapture) on “\SnapVolumesTemp\MountPoints\{7078EE87-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\” Go Process.
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.953 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2188] CVolumeResourceHandler::SignalBaseDiskReady: Couldn’t open wemcapture_basediskready event. The system cannot find the file specified (2/00000002)
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.954 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T8484] MountSnapVolumeByPath: Checking for the presence of [\\?\Volume{7078ee87-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\appcapture.exe]
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.954 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T8484] ProvisioningInProgress was deleted.
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.956 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T8484] RegistryPath was deleted.
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.956 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T8484] AppID was deleted.
[2020-07-29 19:31:37.956 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T8484] NewVolumeUUID was deleted.
[2020-07-29 19:33:59.649 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2316] CPU USAGE -> AVG 10 | MAX 54 |
[2020-07-29 19:34:24.190 UTC] [svservice:P1832:T2316] CPUMonitoringThreadProc: CPU monitoring thread exited


The highlighted line says there is no AppCapture.exe available on the template.vmdk.

To fix this I have to mount the template to an existing VM with the App Volumes agent installed on it and copy the AppCapture.exe manually to this template.

Edit the settings of the VM and select Add New Device\Existing Hard Disk and browse to the template.vmdk which is located in the appvolumes directory on the datastore.

Then I started the VM and assigned a drive letter to the drive using disk management. After assigning the drive letter I copied the AppCapture.exe to the mounted template.

After this step I shut down the VM and removed the Hard Drive by editing the settings of the VM.

Yeah ….by completing all this steps I am finally able to create a new Application and Package.



After fixing my issue I also found this thread on VMTN: https://communities.vmware.com/thread/640487
























Roderik de Block

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