vSphere 7 – Code Capture

Earlier this year I posted a blog about the powerfull tool “Code Capture” which you can find in the developer center of your vCenter server. Code Capture is a powerfull tool which records user actions  and translates them into executable code.

Code capture gives you te ability  to record actions taken in the vSphere Client and output them as usable PowerCLI code. You can then copy the code or download it as a script and use it in a PowerShell session to execute the task.

With the introduction of vSphere 7 the Code Caputre tool in Developer Center became even more powerfull!!!!

Now it is also possible to capture code in these scripting languages:

  • PowerCLI
  • vRO Javascript
  • Python
  • Go

It is very easy to use. Just  start recording:

After you have done your tasks you would like to record. Stop recording and select your language.

Roderik de Block




Roderik de Block

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